Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) addresses the unique needs of a growing computing platform: mobile devices. It provides you with real management capabilities, including convenient configuration, self-service tools, and enhanced protection. It also keeps you up to date with best practices. These features are organized into a collection of settings called configuration profiles. Installing these profiles enables you to have complete control of your mobile device.


  • SMS, email, or OTA enrollment
  • Granular control
  • Device restriction settings
  • Policy updates & changes
  • Compliance reporting
  • Peace of mind

Ensure Mobile Device Security

  • Enforce Strong Mobile Device Password Policies
  • Lock Mobile Devices Remotely
  • Wipe Mobile Devices Remotely
  • Monitor for Malware and Inappropriate Apps

Find & Track Mobile Devices

  • Manage location history
  • Receive alerts based on geofencing
  • Enable policies based on time or location
  • Prevents Apps from obtaining location history
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